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Quick quick

Hein is in Nairobi for 4 days. That’s just great when you’re stuck at home with a 3.5 week old baby with a heat rash and a 2 year old toddler that’s got separation anxiety. As soon as Hein left this morning Tarek tried to hit Miko on the head with a miniature London bus. But I was faster, nothing wrong with my reflexes just yet. Despite Tareks’ continuous ‘Maya this’ and ‘Maya that’ (he’d prefer me to be glued to him currently) we had a lovely dinner of French toast and soup, bath time went well and he’s now asleep. Like Miko is. I’ve done the dishes and cleaned up the living room.

This whole blog post is just a little pat on the back for myself: Well done Maya, you only lost your patience once and are now going off line in order to get some sleep.

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