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February, 2015:

Fruit ‘n’ veg

Overnight all the dinosaurs became vegetarians.


‘Help me! I’m being squeezed by a giant piece of water melon!’


Hey you’re the new girl. Let me show you around the school yard. Just hop on the back.
Thank you. What’s that lady up to?
That’s the teacher. She likes taking photographs of us. Next time smile! They’re always very pleased when we smile.
Will do, no problem. I’m already liking this place.
Welcome to the club!


Out and indoor fun

We don’t allow a cold or a cough to stop us from having fun. And if there is no snow to be found in Ede,  we simply drive to Zeist.


And afterwards Tarek and Maya had even more fun. They went to the cinema in Ede to watch documentaries about kids. On one of them the sound and music were especiallt lovely: recorded an mixed by oom Bouk.