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August, 2014:

Visitors, yeah

It’s so much fun when our friends come to visit. We all get a lot of screen time. Sisi showed me a game on her phone, Hein also likes it. Now Miko is showing Sisi and Marije the games she likes to play on the iPad.


If it rains

You put on your gumboots and go to the festival anyway. Especially since there is a man there who pedals to keep the miniature roundabout going.


You can just see his knee on the right.

It’s a family affair

Checking out the fossils we found at Black Ven on the beach in Weymouth with Opa and Bouk.



What can you do on a rainy day? I chose reading old Donald Duck magazines. My mother decided to drag me (and 5 other people) out of the house to go to the library in Haren. Fine. They have loads of Donald Duck magazines there too.



According to our parents we already met 2 years ago in France. We don’t remember.  We live here and now. Here is Paterswolde and now there are puddles, mud and a dog to play with.