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February, 2014:

Friday night

Hein and I have decided to play a board game. He set it up and I turned up the music. That’s when the phone rang. It’s been 15 minutes and I cycled approximately 32 km today.

Oww nooo! He’s off the phone, I can’t sneak off to bed.

Duplo bridge


Saturday afternoon

We were on the attic. Lupe Fiasco, some hiphop guy, was playing in the background. My dad was working behind the computer, Tarek was working on his number writing skills and mum was hanging the laundry. I helped out mum for a bit, found the stack of dvd’s that I like to play with and of course I spent some time rearranging the kiddie chairs and stools, one of my favourite attic activities. Then I found a pillow. I decided to play sleep with it. I climbed into the guest bed, said ‘laa’ to my family, which is my word for sleep. They jokingly told me ‘slaap lekker!’ Up to this point there was nothing new under the sun, these are all regular things I do when on the attic. I added a new dimension to my make believe play today though.


This time I really fell asleep.

Friday morning

Lets get to work.


Raising the level of the train is hard work.

Learning to draw (even better)

Hein and Maya got me a book for my birthday last December. It shows you how to draw animals.
Today Hein is working, Miko is ill and Maya went off to see someone. That gave Marije and me lots of time to practise our animal drawing skills. We put a lot of focus on animals of the sea.


Check out the whale I drew and the ocean Marije and I drew together.