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December, 2013:

I want to ride my bicycle


And wear the hat Oma made me. And then we’ll go back to Opa and Oma’s place, exchange our shoes for gumboots and go down to the field where…

Tarek and Hein are having fun with sticks and matches.

A visit from The Hague

Well…. a visit from Barneveld is closer to the mark. First there was playing with lego, then there was lemonade. Off we were to the forest, via the see saw of course. Back home for boterhammen and more playing we went, with a short break at…..

The Super swing!!!

More geese

Walking Clint and watching the geese coming in.

And even more!

Goodness gracious the festive season is a busy time. And it isn’t even Christmas yet. Yesterday evening I went to a Kerstborrel in the house of one of the neurologists that works on a ward I also work on. Today is Tareks Christmas dinner.

After work I had to make a quick stop at the shop and after coming home these were prepared with what seems like the speed of light.

More Christmas activities

“Tell us Tarek, what did you do in the weekend?”
“Mum and dad took us to the National Park where they cut down a tree. They put it on top of the car and secured it with ropes.”

“We took it home and decorated it. So now we also have Christmas tree. A real tannenbaum my mum said. Scots pine they called it.”