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November, 2013:

A walk in the park

If you talk with me on a semi regular basis you have probably heard me complain about the dullness and/or other not too positive aspects of Ede. You have never heard me nag about the surroundings though. This morning we, and today that included Opa & Oma Bouwmeester, went for a walk in the park. Well maybe forest is a better description. Did you know there’s a centuries old castle close to where we live? Part of its grounds are park like, others really foresty. It’s all gorgeous,3specially this colourful season. Our little walk turned into quite a few kilometers.

And the most amazing thing about the walk was the fact that Miko did not demand to be carried even once. Could it be because she wasn’t walking? Even Tarek helped out in keeping Miko going.

And what is also nice about today…. I’m writing this blog post from a new phone but have managed to squeeze in photographs from the old phone. Yeah!



Miko is (almost) three

Room has been decorated, postcard has been set by plate, presents have been wrapped, cakes have been baked (Taliliefs never fail banana cake), candles are waiting.


Tomorrow our little girl turns three. Being the special child she is, she might resent the specialness of the day. But being unpredictable as she is, she just may enjoy everyone cheering for her. Fingers crossed my voice will have returned so I can join the cheerers.

Sunday morning art and craft

A few weeks back, at the end of the national children’s book week, Tarek’s school held a book fair. Students were allowed to sell books for no more than a euro each.
Tarek sold a few books and bought one. According to a teacher he asked the little girl how much she wanted for the wizard craft book. ‘Five euro’s’ she told him. Tarek said ‘Ok’ pulled out 5 cents, gave it to the girl who accepted it and gave him the book.
This grey Sunday morning was a perfect moment to work on the hat. It proved a bit too difiicult for Tarek but it seems Hein enjoyed himself making it. Meanwhile Tarek found the leftover pieces of cardboard from a flower craft project made perfect swallows.


Tarek created the swallows while Hein worked on the hat.

Visitor weekend

Anand arrived Friday night for a weekend visit from Germany where he works this month. That evening Sisi, Frank and Dani came for dinner, it was fun and yummy. Well some of it was yummy anyway.
Of course we showed Anand the forest close to our house on Saturday morning. After that we had a lovely lunch with Tali over Skype, while she was having breakfast in Newfoundland.


Later on Saturday two aunts and an uncle arrived for a mostly surprise party (2/3 surprise and 1/3 non surprise). I tried to teach aunty Perla chess and she beat me immediately! But I got my revenge the second game.


Today we went to the Kröller-Muller museum. When we came home Rens joined us for a play date and some friends of Anand arrived for a short visit before they went to Utrecht.


We had a great weekend!