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June, 2013:

Out for a ride

I rode my motorbike down to this old factory warehouse to listen to some jazz music.


The music was decent and there were plenty of goodies to munch on.

A hole

Whenever someone passes away it feels like there is a hole in the world. A person shaped void that should have stayed a person.

WKZ feest

I already knew I work in a great place. Because of its 125th anniversary the hospital threw us a party that turned me, mrs ‘I gotta get home and go to bed’ maya, into Cinderella who almost missed the last train home because she was enjoying herself so much. I work in a great place with great colleagues. Lots of them.


Lots and lots of them.

It must be love


Your knees are dirty Miko, let me clean them for you.

The wall

Tarek is building a huge garage on a rainy day.