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May, 2013:

Happy camper


Dad’s a hapoy camper.


And so are we, now that we got our hands on’n opa’s iPad.

Lekker op de trekker


My mum never allows sweets, except if my friends are given lollypops and I’m also offered one. I love Rens’ mum, she’s the sweetest!

Pizza time

While mom is attending the presentation of a new book on lesbian pornography, we are having pizza. Oh boy!



We celebrated opa & omas 65th birthday on the Island. All Bouwmeesters were present, primarily fishing, playing crocket and eating lots of food.

4th evening…and final fortunately

Here he is, taking a break in the stroller that his classmate spent the whole walk snugly sleeping out the long and muddy walk in.


My boy is exhausted too. And because Tarek was already exhausted by the time we started, I am also tired. Tired of carrying him on my back where he managed to almost fall asleep.
Only a few km left and he’ll be the happy holder of the first medal he ever earned.
Wish parents also were given medals, if only for perseverance.