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April, 2013:


‘Maya’ Tarek asked me this morning ‘the Cretaceous came after the Jurassic right?’


Oh Ikea

As i’ve just been bragging on Facebook: this was my first successfull Ikea trip in a looong while. No Hein to discuss options with, no kiddies wondering off, a list prepared in advance with the use of and arriving an hour before closing time. There were hardly any other consumers there. There were helpful and friendly employees. I found the things I wanted.


In the end it was the beautiful light and the spring leaves on the trees on the way back that made my day.

I do it My Way

Who cares the we normally read a bed time story around this time. I’m Miko and I don’t care too much about what’s normal. Tonight I want to do a bed time puzzle.


Saturday morning coffee


At the neighbours newly built garden table by the neighbours soon to have been built varanda (or porch as their Texan construction should probably be called).


Is it really ten in the evening? And is that realy the moment I find myself cooking tomorrows food? Just like I cooked part of tonights’ dinner last night? Am I really that crazy?


Yes I am….