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February, 2013:

Another one

Tarek is not so ill anymore that he couldn’t sit down to make a beautiful drawing of giraffes in a forest. Another picture to be displayed on the kids art wall.





Greetings from the land of fevers, throat aches and coughs.
Tarek & Maya

Push harder

I wondered why Hein suggested we bring the stroller to the Hoge Veluwe park and museums. Now I understand. He was feeling lazy. C’mon Tarek, push!


Learning to spell

Tarek used our very limited collection of Tingatinga letters to spell football, which in Dutch is voetbal. I had to explain that o and e together in Dutch sounds like oo in cool. He is also very bedazzled by the difference in sound between f and v in Dutch. And Tarek doesn’t yet underatand the difference between capital I and small l (l as in love). All in all though…. Not a bad job for a 4 year old.



Thanks to friends and family, our mini collection is growing rapidly. Today Gon brought 3 new ones! Think we will open a wholesale shop soon.