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January, 2013:

A walk in the hood/wood

Snow is melting all around us. All of a sudden the possibilities offered by the combination of a pair of gumboots and deep puddles has dawned on Miko.



Both VerleNorah and Kaithlyn recently turned four. Off we drove to Wekerom for a Sunday morning with some more Bouwmeesters.


Nationale voorleesdagen

My brother got to go to a theatre workshop. My mum noticed the library was busy even though it wasn’t officially open yet. We went to have a look and ….. it’s that time of the year again. The Nationale Voorleesdagen.


Nog 100 nachtjes slapen was turned into a ‘musical reading play’ for kids my age. I got to stir the soup, clap hands, sing songs, dance and was read the story of a girl who cuts triangles out of peoples clothes. It was fun! Now my mum thinks it’s time to take a nap. I think it’s a perfect time for throwing stuffed animals through my room.


Snowfun continues

More sleighing with the neighbours.



In Dutch OK stands for Operatie Kamer (Operating Theatre). Today Miko had her nose tonsil removed and tiny tubes were placed in her ear to ensure proper air flow and drainage of her hearing channel. We hope it will help prevent infections of her ears and nose. We also hope it will enhance her hearing and promote speaking. At two years and two months Miko has not reached that one major milestone. But the discussion about that is for another time, not this blogpost.
This post is to tell you about Miko’s OK and that she’s being her stubborn little self. First thing kids should do after the operation is drink. She will not. I took her home and all she wanted was grapes. I tried to ‘force’ her to drink by leaving her at the table with a cup of lemonade. She refused and she demonstated her refusal by…


falling asleep at the table. Stubborn little girl. She’ll be O.K.