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December, 2012:


Walking the dog on a very windy last day of the year.


Table manners?

Don’t talk to me about table manners. I love eating and that’s more important than how I eat.


What to do?

How can we go see a movie when the tingatinga puzzle of a chui isn’t sone yet?


New Years break

We’re in Paterswolde waiting for New Years eve. We went for a walk in the mud until the wind and rain chased us back to the Cappellenhof. After some initial protest Miko is finally taking a nap. Now Birgit and Rudolph have come for a visit from Assen. They defied the hail on their heavy duty scooter. Tarek and Rudolph are reading a book about prehistoric animals. The fire is so delightful. Where’re the chestnuts?



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