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October, 2012:

Lots of dino’s


Growing up and moving on

The past few days Tarek received presents of ‘creator’ lego twice. And create he did. Two airplanes following detailed instructions. Mr organised did not allow anybody to create anything else as building had to take place in order. If you’re thinking about what to give him for his fourth…. Lego for age 5 and up will make him love you even more.
This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like Duplo Lego anymore, Tarek spent the morning building something that resembles Noah’s arc out of Duplo.


Airplane in process

5 years and counting

Lots of friends and family came to look at our house, congratulate Hein and myself for being married for 5 years and to interact with one another. And with at least 15 under 5s around there was a lot of loud interaction. And a lot of proof that the past 5 years have been uhm… productive.


And thanks to Victor, Anne-Marie, Berk, Cas, tante Hanneke and Superopa we didn’t only fill up Tareks album, we’re close to filling up Miko’s newly bought album as well.


One down, one to go!


Only 8 more superdierenplaatjes ti go. Anybody have a spare spoonbill?


Role reversal

We’re on our way to the library. Sort of. First we had to collect all the books. By the time we managed to do that it was so late Maya decided we should bring lunch. While she was making the sandwiches we got so hungry we decided to eat them immediately. Well, I was hungry. I don’t know about Miko. Normally she eats twice as much as I do in half the time I eat. Now I’m on my third sandwich tough, while she is playing with her first.