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August, 2012:

Tiger tiger burning bright

Tarek claims he likes school but he prefers after school activities at Eigen Wijs. ‘They have more dinosaurs at Eigen Wijs’. He especially enjoys playing with ‘real’ lego. And one of the new women working at Eigen Wijs is very good at face painting.



Our parents took us to Amsterdam yesterday. They dumped us at Oma’s place and left to choose a floor for the new house. After they came back we got lucky because Frank and Sisi also dropped by.
Then we drove passed the airport and ended up at Marjans place. That’s where we still are, we just had a lovely breakfast.
Soon they’ll take us to Jan Hein, then to some (windy!) art market where Janneke will be. By the time we go home we’ll be exhausted. But we’ll still love each other like we do now.


First school day

Until december, when I turn 4, I go to a real school twice a week. It is called Calluna, which  means heather, but it is actually located in the forrest. Strange huh? I have my own desk and my teacher is called Maaike, which starts with an M like Maya and Miko. You can see us near the window on the photo below. It was great fun but I was happy to be picked by the kindergarten when school was over, so I could play with Miko for a few hours.


Even more

Ever since mum had a library card made for Miko, the library became twice as much fun. Mum shouldn’t complain so much about the weight of those 10 books we get every time. She ought to be happy that We Love To Read!



The Swiss border police did not allow my Canadian friend Tali into Schengen because she has already spent too many days in Europe the past year. So what are we to do this morning without my friend Tali ti read and play with? My sister is went down a hot slide a few times and is now practicing her fine motor skills.


Dad and i are building the dinosaur that we got for 10cents at the flea market yesterday.


Opa and oma Bouwmeester are coming for a short visit and after that I’m going to Amsterdam to visit my friend Fenna. She’ll turn 4 soon and her sister Yana just turned 1.