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June, 2012:

Hello Van Heutszlaan

I am not sure why my parents have taken me to this building. Hey, look, Pascalle is here as well. And Rianne. Oh look, there’s Katja too. A lot of these kids look very familiar. Hey… I recognize those toys.
Why on earth are that lady and that gentleman dressed up like the queen and the king? What’s the big deal, they’ve even got cake and kiddie champagne?
Who cares what the big deal is. I don’t. All I know is that this is a great place. There is lots of glass and it is still very clean and reflective. Give me a chance to have good look at myself. Ain’t I the cutest?



Pascalle cuts the cake to celebrate the new building of Eigenwijs. Tarek can’t wait.


Shhh, mama has a new toy

It’s an e-reader. Now lets see if she will actually read. The start is promising.


Goodbye Oortveldlaan

The boxes have mostly been packed, either thanks to or despite all the little helping hands.
The new building is on the other side of Ede. A longer cycle, but a nice looking building close to the forest.
Miko obvously didn’t mind that most toys have been packed up. While everyone was running around outside she sneaked indoors to play with what was left.



Tara her 5th birthday with lots of childten and presents and cake.