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May, 2012:


Miko en Tarek gaan samen met de andere kinderen een kijkje nemen bij de toekomstige creche.


Sun is shining

Cycling and picnicking on the Veluwe.


Lego is fun

Obviously our trip to Blokjesland was well worth it.


We’re in Lego heaven. Duplo and Lego at €25/kg. From random to nicely sorted. Could find some special duplo parts and look forward to the the real thing, Lego.


Murphy strikes

Tarek naughty in the morning. Naughty as in throwing wooden toys at his sister. Took us a while to get out of the house. No time for buying bread or other healthyish lunch options, it’s 11 in the morning, lets GO. O no. We forgot the discount tickets which are our reason for going. Turn back, pick them up. Finally drive to Apeldoorn. Get there, wake up Miko, get out the stroller. Flat tyre. Well. Every zoo has strollers on loan, we walk. We walk and walk and walk. It’s almost a kilometer from the car to the entrance!? We get to the entrance, tired and hungry, no strollers. ‘We have only 20 of them and today it’s very busy.’ Well, we’re here now, lets go watch the apes and monkies, we’ll find some food and maybe a stroller. Nope. What we found was a loooong line in the restaurant. Two hungry toddlers and a very hungry Maya picked the line with the trainee cashier ‘Uuuh, where’s the button for the fries?’ and had to wait for 45 minutes to spend too much money on not so yummy food. But then it was playtime and we all had fun. Except for the moment Tarek disappeared. After 15 minutes of frantic looks I heard him shout my name. A gentleman, father of three, had seen him walking off. After all that I eas fed up and we walked, in opposite direction of the thinning crowd, back to where we’d started. It was the fasted way out. Then of course came the trek to the car. Tarek walked all the way, all day, and Miko quite a lot. At 3/4 of the way Tarek deserved a raketje and Miko the occasional lick. No pictures of bonobo’s, howler minkies or vari’s. Sorry, I was busy dealing with Mr Murphy.


After all that walking he deserved a raketje. And after such a day, I deserved a night out with girlfriends. And going home late at night having to wait a long time to catch the train from Ams to Ede at least I have chance to write it all down. If my phone battery lasts.