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April, 2012:


What if parents go to bed a little too late after possibly having a little too much to drink? Whaf if the kids are ready to get up before their parents? I don’t think this a solution for every parent but in our case it works. Our system is called ‘drown them in books’ and right now it serves us well.



The crying did not stop. It got louder and louder. We took her out of the cot and now she’s sound asleep in the stroller. Lot’s of hickups but otherwise comfy.


More reading

It’s less than an hour to drive from Ede to Aalten. Not long enough for Miko to take a nap. She’s now upstairs in her travel cot, wailing about the new surroundings. O wait, it’s been a minute, she’s silent now.
Tarek has forced tante Hanneke to search the house for toys and books. What better to do on a lazy afternoon than to crawl onto aunties lap and read a book?


Lazy start

Saturday morning, we had a bit of a lie in. Soon the day will get going. After breakfast we are off to Aalten. Tomorrow we drive to Düseldorf. Now is not the time to think about driving east. Now is the time to read old Donald Duck magazines.


Amd round and round and

But today I want my dad to do the pedalling.