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March, 2012:

On the road again

Met up with Janneke, lunch with Otto and Merlijne and now fun with Dolar and Marjan.


Ice cream time

After just another tropical day it is time for lemon ice cream.


Sunny day

Bicycle ride and pancakes on a sunny day.


White naped crane

And lions, tigers, polar bears, storks, snakes, brown bears chasing grey wolves, a bateleur, African elephants, Humboldt pinguins, seals, sea lions, comorants, urang utans, red ibis, twi types of flamingo, hornbills, tucans, iguana, lizards walking on water, basking otters, zebra, giraffes, a bongo playing with a ball, mandrills, mara, llamas, tamarin monkies, weaver birds, yak, camels and even more animals. Plus lots of sand and water play and lunch and snacks and a train ride too. No wonder I also feel like taking an afternoon nap.


Good times

Family, friends and … books.