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February, 2012:

Old and new friends

Sara and Bram spent a night with us. Because they were only staying briefly, the kids went to the créche a bit later. Tarek was ok with that brcause he thought Bram was one of the coollest people he ever met. On Wednesday evening he told me several times he _really_ missed Bram and Sara. A few nights following their visit he pretended that he was a bunny named Sara.


Out and about

Just watched the news. All over the Netherlands people went out to enjoy the sun. We wonder where they were, certainly not at the Wekeromse Zand. A short drive from our house. And after even Tarek walked more than 4 km we drove to Landgoed Kernhem and ate pannekoeken. What a lovely day with great friends. After a great night with lovely food.


Paterswolde revisited

Some of us are taking it easy. The most active we get is sitting on the floor playing with oma. Others in the family are trying to get some work done.


A walk in the woods

Lucky me. After one week of a new job I get a week off. We start my week of holiday visiting opa and oma in the north of the country. Even though it’s cold and during the drive to our starting point for a walk we pass cars covered in snow we get lucky and walk in sunshine for most of the 5 km we manage.
Even though Tarek is not in the mood for anything we even manage to have a nice time eating lunch in a nice country restaurant we pass on our way back to the car.
On Monday evening or some time Tuesday we shall go back to Ede. From Wednesday to Friday the kids go to the creche, you know what that means? Partytime for mama! Lucky me.


Note to self

Having combined 2 jobs for a month and a half is no excuse.
Starting a new job and trying to find a new equilibrium is no excuse.
Feeling slightly overwhelmed is no excuse.

If you wish to keep a blog: keep blogging.

Fortunately tomorrow we go on a short trip to Paterswolde, most likely lots of photo and blogo opps. Now it’s ten at night. The alarm goes at six in the morning. Guess where I’m off to? After posting this wee blog post, naturally.