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December, 2011:

Suggestion to my Tz friends

If your parents decide to haul you halfway across the world to what they call ‘the west’ and you end up on some cold and windy part of the globe where you don’t know anyone you should suggest to them to take you to…

…Ikea, a great place to make new friends.

Season of light

We’re spending the last days and nights of 2011 in Paterswolde and were lucky enough to make it to the Hortus of Haren tonight. There was a Confucius Festival of Lights. The people working there spoke neither Dutch nor English which gave the whole display a very genuine feeling. Tarek liked the dinosaurs until they started roaring.

Tarek took this photograph himself.

Go see the dr

My parents were worried. Just like their parents and other family and whoever else felt allowed to express their opinion on the matter. Worried about my lungs and my perpetually snotty nose. Worried about my rasping breathing. Worried about the fact that I, since starting nursery past October, seem to always have a cold. So on the third day of Christmas they called the family doctor. But he was on a holiday and left no alternative doctors phone number on his answering machine. My parents dialled the Family Doctor Line and didn’t get a response because it was not out of office hours. Then my parents dragged me and my brother to the north and managed to squeeze in an appointment with my grandparents’ family doctor. And what did the doctor say? Nothing that I haven’t been trying to make clear for the longest time: all these viral infections are part of going to nursery school.

I used the close to one hour waiting time very well though, I took my first steps towards mama holding on to oma.


I liked going to the doctor, they have lots of toys there and my brother wasn’t there to pull them from my hands.

Testing testing

1  2  3. This is Maya trying out blogging through a phone. In case you are so ultimately bored you actually came and checked out our blog: Karibu tena.

I have a new years resolution starting today, either a week early or 51 weeks late. Revive the blog.

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday season. We were fortunate enough to spend the past few days with our families. We unwrapped presents, sang Christmas carols and of cours we ate and ate and ate.

Hein even managed to beat his dad at chess.