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July, 2011:

2nd stop

We are staying at the house of my parents in Groningen for almost a week now. There we are trying to figure out what is next while entertaining kids. Today actualy was a sunny day, after a week of rain. We went to the kinderboerderij (farm for children).

Sunny kinderboerderij

1st stop

First two weeks in the Netherlands we are lucky that we can house sit. Beautifull house with lots of toys for Tarek.

Breakfast in Amsterdam

Wrapping up 2

Today the movers from AGS came to pack our stuff. They needed 4 hours to pack and weigh 1187 kg at about 5 m3. Afterwards we cleaned the house. At 18:00 we were in our comfortable hotel room. Time for a nice cold beer!
Packers at work
Packers at work

Wrapping up

In the past 2 weeks lots of people that work on the compound came to us to borrow money. Borrowing money is not unheard of but so many people was a bit odd. They all know we’re leaving, we said. They’re hoping we’ll forget, we said. One by one, each and every person is now coming to prove us wrong. Someone told me that we’re good people, we help them when they’re in need. Other wazungu say (and we have felt like saying that too): ‘I’m not a bank’.

All the stuff that hasn’t been sold or promised away and we don’t want to leave for the landlord has to go. We asked our ornithological friends to pick up the crow trap but they didn’t make it. As Mr Protasi, the old askari, built it for us, we gave it to him as a chicken shed. Along with an envelope. Today I gave some other people an envelope. I have to admit that wasn’t my idea as envelopes make rather impersonal gifts. Hein insisted and I’m happy he did. Two people told me that envelopes are the kind of gift that really help and that makes people feel we really thought of them. Mama Eliza was almost moved to tears. Which in turn almost moved me to tears. I quickly ran inside to prepare someone else an envelope.


Busy dismantling and packing. No ornament left hanging. Every nook and hidden corner filled with boxes. This side movers, this part plane, that stuff stays here. All that remains are the things we use every day.
The old laptop we used at home belongs to Hein’s soon to be former employer so it has been taken back to the office. Fortunately we have another laptop, a Mac much loved by Hein. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a slot for the memory card of the camera. This probably means no uploading of photographs until we’re back in Amsterdam. Brace yourself for the visually boring blog ….. (Now I’ll go back to wandering through the house seeing if there’s anything left to sort out)