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May, 2011:


Got incredibly stuck in traffic. So bad that after 500 meters/half hour I decided to turn back and use an alternative mode of transport. After I had loudly cursed all the people making the jam worse I still needed to let off more steam so I phoned Hein and complained some more. Then I took the bajaj to the gym and complained even more to someone in the changing room. Then I got on a cross trainer and converted my very bad mood to a really good work out.

Another milestone

Finally, 3 days after I celebrated my first half year on earth, my parents decided the time was right. I had a dinner made of broccoli and breast milk, with a little baby grade rice porridge added for consistency. And how did I like it? It was kinda weird really.
first food
Dad fed me broccoli.

So happy together

My dad’s back! My dad’s back! Mum’s happy cause she likes it much better when we’re all together. She’s also glad that both my brother and I are mostly healthy. And she really liked the fact that I am so much healthier now that I allowed her to sleep through the night.
hein and miko
To celebrate the reunion dad and I wore matching outfits

Today is just a regular Sunday. In the morning, after breakfast, we went to Mediterraneo. Even I went for a dip in the pool today. Afterwards they all got to eat pizza but I didn’t get any. I tried but they wouldn’t let me.
miko in pool
Not sure what the big deal is. It’s just a big bath.

So you know

I thought I’d give you a quick update on how things are.

Tarek’s on the mend but has not been good enough to go to school yet. I doubt he’ll go tomorrow. Antibiotics done (he took them, only spat it out once out of 6 times). Now he has to take nose drops in order to prevent an ear infection. Miko still has 3 more days of antibiotics to go. Administering one set of nose drops will be done tomorrow, then we move on to saline nose spray. Her fever is finally subsiding but she’s still occasionally pulling her ear from pain, can hardly breathe and thus hardly drink. And because she’s covered in a rash, is exhausted, hungry and hoarse she looks and sounds pitiful. But, unsurprisingly, she still manages to smile a fair bit.

And there is good news: yesterday the fridge fundi came and fixed the fridge. And we have power today. Soon I may even make it to a shop to start refilling our fridge.

We all went on safari

Did you do know that safari is the word for ‘journey’ in Swahili?
Some more explanation: ‘We all went on safari’ is a repetitive line in a book Tarek owns.
we all went on safari

We all went on safari when our Sunday’d just begun
Tarek seemed a bit better, really sick kids: one

We all went on safari, to the doctors, yes it’s true.
Antibiotics for Miko, amount of patients: two.

We all went on safari. Well maybe not really ‘we’.
Hein left for Uganda so that left only three.

Hein gone for close to a week. Both kids on antibiotics. Fridge still broken. Something amazing happened last night though. The power company came at ten in the evening (on a Saturday night mind you) without me having tried to bribe anyone. And they fixed the problem in no time. We have power in the whole house! That is, until the 18 hour black outs start. But to prepare for that we’ve bought close to 50 litres of diesel and have the same amount in the generator. If only the fridge fundi comes back and the kids get better and Hein would be here and there wouldn’t be black outs or power surges everything would be just fine.