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April, 2011:

Lazy at the beach

We celebrated Easter at the Lazy Lagoon together with grandparents. Miko had her first experience with the Indian Ocean which unsurprisingly she enjoyed very much.

opa and i
Miko studying wave action

Busy bee

My opa and oma are here for a visit so we have no time to write. We visited the Ngorongoro Crater and are going on a beach trip tomorrow. In between (and during) the trips there is lots of playing with lego and reading of books to be done.

opa and i
Opa playing with lego and me reading a book

Travel in Tanzania

The title refers to the category I’ve posted this under and to what we’ll be doing the coming 5 days. We’re off to the Crater Highlands. Tomorrow we fly to Arusha where we will pick up Heins’ parents. From there we drive to the town of Karatu. I hope to see one of the 13 remaining rhino in the Ngorongoro Crater on Friday.


First proper picture of the 2 teeth Miko sprouted on the 1st of April.

First time Tarek makes it from one end of the pool to the other – several times!

Conversation with a 2 year old

-Wow Tarek, did you make that? It looks like a triangle.
-It is a triangle.
-Do you remember what a triangle is called in Kiswahili?
-Pembe tatu.
-Pembe tatu? And what’s it in het Nederlands?