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November, 2010:

Extra Extra Read All About It – the waiting game is over

On 20 November 2010 Miko Bouwmeester was born right here in the Da Costastraat in Amsterdam West. Tarek’s sister weighed 3540 grams, 600 grams more than her brother when he was born almost 2 years ago. Both Miko and Maya were fine, it was an easy delivery and Miko knew what she wanted: breast milk.
When Tarek was introduced to his sister he said ‘die uil’ (that owl) and pointed at the cuddly toy aunt Janneke had made for Miko. After some minutes, when Miko made some more sounds, he looked at her, asked for his cuddly elephant and gave it to his sister. This almost brought tears to his mothers’ eyes. When told that that was a very sweet thing to do he realised that he’d given his favourite object in the world away, quickly grabbed it and partly stuffed it in his mouth.

miko bouwmeester

Tareks Ta(a)l(en)

Tareks woordenschat groeit met de dag. Hij kent meer dan 30 vogels. Naast de honderden zelfstandig naamwoorden maakt hij ook enkele woordcombinaties. Ons verblijf hier is erg goed voor zijn nederlands omdat hij nu maar 1 taal hoort,  maar hij kan ook vertalen naar Swahili, bv. kip (kuku), eend (bata) en vliegtuig (ndege). Enkele combinaties:

‘Zie niets’ – bij geen vogels in de gracht;

‘Bier kopen Vomar’ als hij naar de creche moet, gevolgd door het verzoek aan mij ‘Hier zitten’ en dan meer dringend ‘Buiten spelen’;

‘Lekker warm’ bij een warm bad;

‘Muesli eten’ voor de muesli ‘s ochtends.

On how life currently is….

I called this the ‘tussentijd’ the other day. It’s the time when you cannot do much as energy and lust for activities are limited (and the weather is very uninviting) but at the same time you can’t just sit and wait. So what do we do all day?

Hein tries to keep up with work (keeping track of e-mail etc). Two days a week he even attempts to work from home, that’s when Tarek goes to a kindergarten. Tarek loves most of this life: he gets to spend a lot of time with his parents so he’s  never very impressed with being taken to the kindergarten. We still hope that he will see the fun of hanging out with other kids soon. The days when Tarek doesn’t go to kindergarten we try to take him outside despite the weather. The past 4 days he went to the zoo three times. He knows its name (Artis) and talks about camels a lot. One day he even went to the kinderboerderij (city farm) in the morning and the zoo in the afternoon. Animals galore in that boys life. As I’m not the most mobile of beings it’s mostly Hein who takes him on such trips.


And what do I do? Once a week I visit the midwive. I chat with girlfriends over the phone and in real life over cups of tea, much nicer than over the internet. I watch the leaves being blown form the trees. I became a regular customer of the laundromat around the corner. I read the news online even though I’m not interested at all. And Hein found me this website where I can pay logic games online. And now it’s time to upload this entry because Paula just walked in: more tea with girlfriends.

and still ….

See the 25th of October entry please.

Someone should have told me that burning the apple sauce while texting with your sister and scrubbing the bathroom tiles doesn’t count as nesting, could have saved my energy. But hey … what’s that outside? It’s the sun, I’m going for a walk. Rumour has it that excersise can induce labour.