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August, 2010:

Transfer website to wordpress

Busy transferring the present site into WordPress format to allow more interaction and allow more possibilities. The idea is to transfer the entire solum site. However there are many photos and I have not figured out how this works. So for now it is mainly the log. If somebody has suggestions on nice photo-plugins, please..

Alternative Playground

Today was spent shopping in the morning and working in the garden in the afternoon. We build a little playground for Tarek with some branches, three heaps of sand and a large flowerpot. It looks kind of nice and Tarek seemed very enthusiastic, especially the jumping in the white beach sand.


There is quite a bit of uncertainty in our household, which is mainly driven by the ending of my contract at IITA November the 7th. Up to this date it is not certain if the contract will be extended. This in itself is not such a big issue. However, the birth of our second child soon after complicates matters. The choice is either: go to the Netherlands for delivery and return or alternatively not return. If we return there are few complications. If we do not there are many logistic issues like: moving, terminating contracts with our personnel, selling of assets, etc.
The funny thing is that I thought it was quite an event when we moved here in such a short time which would probably not be matched in future. Now matters are more complex with stakes a lot higher (family and all). I wonder how it will look like in 10 years.

Newspaper articles

Two fat envelopes with newspaper articles in the mail, huray! During our stay in Tanzania my mother loyally cuts interesting articles from the NRC and Volkskrant and sends them by mail every 2 to 3 weeks. We developed a good understanding about what is interesting and what is not. So we are lucky to receive a perfect selection, without the rubbish that most of the papers (especially Volkskrant) are filled with. My personal favorites are the chess articles, two per week. This time there was an envelope in my father’s handwriting. From this I conclude that there are major shifts going on as a result of his pension. Have not seen the articles yet but am keen to see the difference in content.


Ramadan is coming. According to Maya it starts tonight. Since weeks we have been gently reminded by the many minarets in the near vicinity. I prefer the sound of the singing imam over the sound of the singing Pentecostal priest. It is somehow more monotonous and you tend to forget it is there. I rarely wake at 4 in the morning when the believers are summoned to pray.
I write because the internet connection failed while I was playing a nice game of chess. So I lost, which cost me 20 points of my rating. Here at home the internet connection allows me to finish a little more than 1 out of 4 games but I will never attain a rating of more than 1550. So it goes.