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July, 2010:

Red Snapper

Tonight we will eat red snapper. The snapper is brought to the compound by Mr. Jaffa. He has built a small engine on his bicycle. The engine is connected to the rear wheel with a second chain. When I asked for a demonstration the engine did not work but it normally does, I was assured. Anyway I call Mr. Jaffa and then he brings me the fish I want. We tried Tuna and Red Snapper and the taste was excellent, both at 4 USD a kg. The snapper you see below weighed 7 kgs of which about a third is filet. I divide this into smaller portions and push the button ‘Quick Freeze’. Head askari Nico is always very happy with the other two thirds of which Naomi makes excellent soup. We fry it or make nice curries from the smaller pieces. Tarek likes white fish.

Mr. Jaffa preparing Red Snapper

Back in Dar

Almost a week back in Dar after three well spent weeks in the Netherlands. We had a more relaxing homeleave compared to last year which was a bit chaotic because we had made too many appointments. This time we spent the first week in Amsterdam, the second week int he rural parts and the third and last week again in Amsterdam. We met a lot of ‘old’ friends and family, which made me again aware of the positive side of knowing people really well. No complications and hardly any fake appearances. We visited the zoo, had many drinks, some braais, sailed on the canals and watched a lot of football. Maya had a succesfull 20 week echo. Appart from the first two days the weather was hot and dry so we felt a bit at home. Tarek had his first real sickness, the sixth disease and I was enjoying the good old hayfever.
Upon return we found the house in immaculate condition because Cecilia had cleaned two days before. The garden looks beautiful although the dry season is already moving in as some trees have shed ther leaves, including my little baobab. The bananas grow slower than I thought. The temperature is lovely. Today I walked outside at noon in full sun without sweating! At work I am tryng to pick up the pieces which took some effort but I managed. On Wednesday Caroline came by to say goodbye. She is off to Belize, another friend moving away. Nanja arrived today. She will stay for some ten days, going to the beach and maybe Mikumi.