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June, 2010:

Radio silence explained

Just finished the final teaching day at school. Only assembly remains for tomorrow. Unfortunately this does not mean my work is done. After last weeks’ frantic grading and report writing I was planning on spending this week ensuring I leave my work in such a way that the next teachers at least have something to go by. Somehow that hasn’t worked out. The saying goodbye to colleagues seems to be sucking up all my time. Hein travelling to Nairobi for the second consecutive week doesn’t make it easier. I also dislike most of the suggestions for the new Dutch coalition government. The horrible traffic here isn’t helping my mood either. It’s now 15:15. The whole school teachers’ party started 15 minutes ago. I promised I would show off my dancing skills and have even arranged for an all night baby sitter but I really dread having to get back on the road.
Anyway – all this to show you: No I have not forgotten about the blog. Anyone who ever taught in a school will know, the end of the year is too hectic to breathe, let alone keep a blog.
That may have been a lot of nagging and complaining and therefore we shall end this rambling tale with a funny picture. A sunbird on the compound has become very fascinated by its own reflection.
who's that smart looking bird?
Who’s that smart looking bird?