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April, 2009:

Things can go fast

Sometimes … No, allow me to rephrase. Often I complain about things going slowly here. Seems that days can go by waiting for a fundi that never shows up. When yr favourite brand of canned tomatoes is sold out in the supermarket, prepare to start liking a different brand for a few months.
On the other hand, things can go superfast too. Last week I met a Dutch woman who knew some people at the secondary school and told me to drop off my cv there, which I did on Monday morning. Today I had a proper job interview! We’ll see where it leads. I’m not looking for a full time permanent position as a teacher, and the school does not have that on offer. Who knows what’ll happen by the time the next schoolyear starts …..
When I told the doctor a few weeks ago that sometimes I felt a bit isolated being home with Tarek all the time, she gave me the phone number of Carolien, whose youngest daughter is two weeks younger than Tarek. A few days later I was introduced to a new phenomenon: the babygroup. Very funny to see Tarek interact with other babies. Uuuh well, maybe I should say potentially interact, he’s not too interested in other babies just yet.
Italian Vanessa and almost 3 months old Matteo, Portugese Anna with toddler Emma, Dutch Nienke sitting and Dutch Tarek lying down and wobbling.

Uneventful Sunday

Still raining. Amazingly enough, there have been no power cuts or other shida kwa umeme (problem with the power). And the sink drains and there is no leakage. I’ll not bother to tell you about the car. So far even those problems appear to be minor and screwdrivers are a girls’ best friend.
But yes, rain. Not heavily but steadily. Not really appealing to go to Malaika, beach clubs are for brighter days. So what else can one do on a rainy Sunday?
Hein and Trudpert Tarek at play
You could play with Trudpert while his parents attend mass. Or, like Tarek, you could play in the baby gym.
Gardening Gardening
Another option would be to work in the garden, replanting bananas for example.

cordon blue snake
Maya prefers taking photographs of wildlife on the compound. A cordon blue in a cashew tree and a snake Hein rescued from Tanzania’s snake killers mentality.

Other than that, not much going on. Made a big pot of pumpkin soup yesterday, refilling the freezer. We had some of it for lunch with German bread. Temperature went down enough to turn off the fan. Feels like Dutch autumn. Bring me tea and cookies!

South Africa Elections pt 2

It is quite clear now, theoratically no absolute majority. Bring them machine guns!
rsa elections
South African elections 2009 (25/04/2009 BBC 15:45 GMT)

South Africa Elections pt 1

Did they or did they not win a 2/3 majority? All week the news has been dominated by the South African elections. The question right now is 2/3 of seats for ANC or no.
The NRC thinks yes they did. The BBC disagrees.


Last night it started raining and it still does. Not too hard, but steady just like rain in the Netherlands (where it rains on average 800mm a year, about two hours a day or 8% of total time). Tanzania has about the same annual rainfall except that it falls in one long and one short rainy season. Power is still there, quite remarkable. Maya is making coffee and flap-jacks, my favorites! The little one is sort of asleep although I hear him moaning now and then. Our favourite program, Charlie Gillet’s weekly view on a world of music, is on the BBC now. A whole weekend is about to come. No plans so probably some website updating, shopping and gardening.