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Excursie Tarek

Tarek gaat met de klas op excursie naar Gendt aan de Waal. We horen over zoeken steentjes, bekijken beverburchten, bouwen boten en bakken pizzas. Het is een mooie dag.




The joker

Back from our holidays but a few weeks before school starts seemed just about the right time to teach Mr T the basics of e-mail. He sent his first e-mail ever to me. He was laughing out loud while he wrote it.


The subject? What I want to say.

Peas in a pod

It started off pretty bad. The playground of choice was closed. Then our parents dragged us to a big rock that claims to be the center of the Netherlands.


A rock is no substitute for a playground!

Then our parents stopped at some Celtic fields, a farm that has been built as an interpretation of an Iron Age farm. Pfff. We stayed in the car.

Then we went to a different playground. Now we’re talking.


But the lady working there deflated the jumping castle within 5 minutes.

We put our socks and shoes back on.


Miko is getting pretty good at it!

Down the trail we found the climbing forest. And Tarek was tall enough for the kids trail!


He had to secure himself and loved it so much he did this trail twice.

Then we stopped at the garden as there were lots of


sweet peas and othe goodies. With potatoes from a local farm, only the veggie burgers were from the supermarket.


And this doesn’t even show the rucola salad or the amount of andive we gave to the neighbours. And tomorrow morning there will be berries for breakfast!

Permanent residence

See all the holes that have been filled?


See the first residents? Tareks craftmanship is being appreciated!