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A change of perception

It’s the tiny things looked upon with a refreshing angle that normally don’t make it onto this blog. Those things end up as facebook updates. Today one of those tiny things happened. But I cannot put it on facebook.

Bare with me please. If you post on facebook on a semi regular basis like I do you probably have thought thoughts like ‘I know such and such will respond to this one.’ And that’s my problem with posting today.

Hold on. I’ll get to my point. A while back, while as in 2.5 year old Miko still snug in my tummy-while, Tarek drove me mad playing inside one morning so I sent him outside saying: ‘Go look for wildlife in the garden.’ What commenced was funny enough for facebook. He walked outside shouting ‘Bushbaby! Bushbaby!’ and my comment was that ‘if ever there was a bushbaby in our garden it was now hiding in a hole somewhere tending its eardrums.’ I had never heard of bushbabies prior to moving to Tanzania.

Heins youngest cousin Dorien had heard bushbabies from around the time of her birth, if not before. Dorien also had a fascination for bushbabies when she was tiny like Tarek. In short, Dorien could relate to Tarek’s experience groing up in Tanzania.

When I found a band playing funky dance music with a Southern African twist, I whatsapped it to Dorien who posted it on facebook.

She mentioned A tribe called quest, the Gods must be crazy in her facebook posts. I knew that, no matter how many km’s and years between us, Dorien and I can relate.

Today I rescued tiny blackbirds in their nest from some greedy mammal that I scared off cycling past. I did not recognize the animal. All I could think was: ‘It looks a bit like a mongoose.’ My facebook comment was going to be something like: You know you spend too much time studying East African wildlife and too little studying the fauna in your home turf when you see a Dutch animal and think it’s some sort of mongoose. And I just knew Dorien would have liked it.

Dorien will never like my facebook posts again.

Oh Ikea

As i’ve just been bragging on Facebook: this was my first successfull Ikea trip in a looong while. No Hein to discuss options with, no kiddies wondering off, a list prepared in advance with the use of and arriving an hour before closing time. There were hardly any other consumers there. There were helpful and friendly employees. I found the things I wanted.


In the end it was the beautiful light and the spring leaves on the trees on the way back that made my day.


Is it really ten in the evening? And is that realy the moment I find myself cooking tomorrows food? Just like I cooked part of tonights’ dinner last night? Am I really that crazy?


Yes I am….

Woman labour pt. 1


Doing the never ending laundry, again.

Good morning

Hein ill. Down with a flu so bad I am worried about his birthday party on Sunday. Tarek on the mend after being ill on Tuesday and half of Wednesday. Miko happy but also full of spots and close to nappy rash.
That left me to go through the morning routine. Shower myslef, dress three people, fixed lunch for two and made breakfast for three. Phoned a colleague to ask her to sub for me the hour I wouldn’t be able to make it. Miko, Tarek and I were on schedule until Miko went into semi squat position the moment we had to leave the house. No time for brushing teeth, I had to allow them to do that themselves in the car. The car itself being a second choice as I need my bike to go to the station.

Incredibly enough I managed to get Miko to the crèche and Tarek to school in time, got hime, cleared breakfast, checked on Hein (still as ill as half an hour before) and left. And now the day is supposed to begin?! I treated myself to coffee and my midmorning snack. My 15 minute train ride is my piece and quiet for the day.