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A visit from Rotterdam

We hadn’t seen Tara and Arnoud for a while so it was a real treat that they camr to visit. We went for a walk in the forest, the autumn colours are beautiful. My mum allowed me to take a group photograph.


My mum allowed me to take a group photograph with her phone.

Visitors, yeah

It’s so much fun when our friends come to visit. We all get a lot of screen time. Sisi showed me a game on her phone, Hein also likes it. Now Miko is showing Sisi and Marije the games she likes to play on the iPad.


A drive around the hood

Wherever we go, dad is always looking for streams and rivers. Perfect places for playing around with water and rock. Just a bit outside of Alte, in the Algarve, we found a nice stream but not a nice place to be beside it. Splashing through it was already great fun.


Learning to draw (even better)

Hein and Maya got me a book for my birthday last December. It shows you how to draw animals.
Today Hein is working, Miko is ill and Maya went off to see someone. That gave Marije and me lots of time to practise our animal drawing skills. We put a lot of focus on animals of the sea.


Check out the whale I drew and the ocean Marije and I drew together.

A visit from The Hague

Well…. a visit from Barneveld is closer to the mark. First there was playing with lego, then there was lemonade. Off we were to the forest, via the see saw of course. Back home for boterhammen and more playing we went, with a short break at…..

The Super swing!!!