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Up up up!

Moeten we écht over dit slome bergpad die 100 meter klimmen naar die diepe donkere grot waar ik wel tikkertje in wil spelen? We kunnen ook proberen in de brandende Portugese middagzon langs de stijlwand omhoog te klauteren toch?

Nee Miko, we gaan over het pad.

Oké dan.


Mag ik wel in de grot rondrennen, ook als Tarek het te spannend vindt?

Prima schat, kom jij maar de grot ontdekken met papa.

Ja maar … Hein….?


Het stopt hier.

Oké, dan gaan we terug naar Maya en Tarek.

Nou. Nee. Ik wil verder de grot in.

Nee Miko, 50 meter is al best ver.

Voel ik hier een opening?

Nee sorry, steen.

En hier?

Nee, kom op Miko. We gaan water drinken.


A drive around the hood

Wherever we go, dad is always looking for streams and rivers. Perfect places for playing around with water and rock. Just a bit outside of Alte, in the Algarve, we found a nice stream but not a nice place to be beside it. Splashing through it was already great fun.


On the road again

Off to Portugal via an old military airport in Germany. Miko was so overwhelmed by all the weird activities she refused to walk. Fortunately we have a great suitcase.


Trip to Denmark so far


A short break during the not extremely long ride from Groningen to Camp Sønder Omme.


Miko on Lego safari. Yes, that little dot is really her.


Sweet reunion with Hannah, Elmer and their iPad.


Elmer also owns a very interesting electronic music device.


It was rainy today so we drove to the castle that Shakespeare set Hamlet in. Miko liked the slide show about the fortifications more than any of us.


Then we ended up in a build it yourself exibition about childrens books illustrator Kierkegaard. The tools, randomly shaped blocks piled up in many corners of the room, the swinging and climbing up wobbly ladders surely would not be allowed in other parts of the world. We all loved it.

Sunny Sunday

I don’t know what dad is thinking spending all this time in a bunker called the Atlantic Wall museum. I’m going to stay out here on this dune and play.


After dad and Frank are done we’ll climb up a real dune. Not a grassy one with paved floor like this one. Tarek and I will climb up and slide down for a while while the adults laze around. Not all the adults…. Dad will go back to the museum to get a private tour of the complex.