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Fathers day

Pick up

First time I get to pick up Tarek from school on a fathers day. What a day!



Patiently making a 120 pieces dino puzzle. The only hint I gave was to sort out the pieces.

Ouwehands zoo


Grandparents treated us to a one year subscription to ouwehands. It is a 25 minute drive, but eorth it. I saw my first live european wolve and learned that saddle billed storks are a lot bigger than they appear in flight. Lots of playing opportunities kitti, also inside. No healthy lunch available though.

Veluws natuurcentrum

Again I was most fortunate with the weather. Miko thought it was a bit chilly. Tarek was very fond of the ice.


Ginkelse heide

Een fijn zonnetje maakt papadag een stuk aangenamer.