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Permanent residence

See all the holes that have been filled?


See the first residents? Tareks craftmanship is being appreciated!

O tannenbaum

After football in the morning we rushed off to Hoge Veluwe National Park and picked a Christmas tree. Tarek used the saw to cut it down. After we managed to put it up we found out the Christmas lights had died. Hein has rushed off to the DIY shop to get new ones. So for now this is what our tree looks like.


We’re  well impressed with its full and green look. We wonder why the people who started to cut it down discarded it but of course we’re also grateful!

Can’t  wait to do the actual decorations. Tarek made some beautiful things during Christmas Craft morning last Wednesday.

Chaos reigns


Today Tarek and Fenna helped folding more boxes.


Hein managed to turn our sandy backyard into a proper lawn. He looks kinda exhausted.

Now we’re talking



Finally, the long wait is over.Today we got the key to our new home. I picked up the kids from the crèche and cycled through the forest to the house. Tarek can reach the bell!