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Ramadan is coming. According to Maya it starts tonight. Since weeks we have been gently reminded by the many minarets in the near vicinity. I prefer the sound of the singing imam over the sound of the singing Pentecostal priest. It is somehow more monotonous and you tend to forget it is there. I rarely wake at 4 in the morning when the believers are summoned to pray.
I write because the internet connection failed while I was playing a nice game of chess. So I lost, which cost me 20 points of my rating. Here at home the internet connection allows me to finish a little more than 1 out of 4 games but I will never attain a rating of more than 1550. So it goes.

Waning religion

On the religious front there have been very positive developments indeed. For quite some time now it is Ramadan. This directly influences us as there are at least two mosques within hearing distance. I am not sure why, but muslims are told to pray at hours where other people sleep. The priests prefer to tell their followers through 500 Watt sound-systems that are strategically placed as to reach as many sleeping people as possible. The good thing is that it is almost Eid el Fitr which means that the volume will significantly decrease soon. At the time of the strictly non-alcoholic jubilations we will be far away at some resort, hopefully void of amplifiers and religious freaks. The other positive development is that my dear colleague is moving. He is a very nice man so that is not the good news. But he lives across the road from us and rents his top floor out to Pentecostals. These people also like to amplify quite strongly whatever they say or shout. The Pentecostals disturb our peace for prolonged periods at least 4 times a week. But the landlord has canceled the rent because he wants to build something commercial.