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Terribly terrific


This is by far the most stupid walk my parents have taken me on. A wide road. Hardly any incline. Stupid stupid stupid. I will just continue to nag, whine, cry and be negative. They cannot make me enjoy this. Why won’t they let me climb the side of this mountain? No no no, this way I will not have fun. I can keep this up for more than 2.5 km, just watch me. See how miserable dad’s starting to look? Let me just hang on to mums leg and get on her nerves some more. And then I’ll….. wait a minute. What’s that?!


Hurray! The road got bad. Yeah. Rocks to climb. Yeah! All the way up to 476 m and then back down! Yeah yeah yeah!

Up up up!

Moeten we écht over dit slome bergpad die 100 meter klimmen naar die diepe donkere grot waar ik wel tikkertje in wil spelen? We kunnen ook proberen in de brandende Portugese middagzon langs de stijlwand omhoog te klauteren toch?

Nee Miko, we gaan over het pad.

Oké dan.


Mag ik wel in de grot rondrennen, ook als Tarek het te spannend vindt?

Prima schat, kom jij maar de grot ontdekken met papa.

Ja maar … Hein….?


Het stopt hier.

Oké, dan gaan we terug naar Maya en Tarek.

Nou. Nee. Ik wil verder de grot in.

Nee Miko, 50 meter is al best ver.

Voel ik hier een opening?

Nee sorry, steen.

En hier?

Nee, kom op Miko. We gaan water drinken.


On the road again

Off to Portugal via an old military airport in Germany. Miko was so overwhelmed by all the weird activities she refused to walk. Fortunately we have a great suitcase.


Spring is coming

Perfect time for a trip to the north.


A quick visit to museum De Buitenplaats for the Dick Bruna exhibition.


And of course spending lots of time on the bike.


Angel from hell