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To pass the time

While we’re all waiting for some photos of the week that’s passed since Christmas ithought I’d entertain you with something that caught my eye.

Check items 1 and 4.


Auntie Beeb too

Nice to see that the BBC also came to film what we saw today. Actually, they saw a lot more than we did.

Paratroops mark Arnhem WW2 battle

Pizza time

While mom is attending the presentation of a new book on lesbian pornography, we are having pizza. Oh boy!


Kiddie pix are up! Kiddie pix are up!

Some photos have been added to February and the months of March and April have both been added as well. It’s been a while since we took the time to upload photos of Miko and Tarek so I thought I’d post the link on the blog to let yoiu know. Clik here to go to the website, click on the year and then the month to go to the photos of that month.

One of the very flattering photos you wil find is:

Habari mzuri

The news is good.
Hein might not be fully recovered but he’s definetly on the mend. Good enough to want to go play chess tonight while I probably won’t bake and/or cook for the party in two days. Hein has to go, or so he claims, it’s the last match of the season and prospects for the team are grim. Heins birthday has started today even. I came home early from work and Janneke and Wouter have come for a pre-birthday visit. Cake, cookies and risotto. Yummy!


Working on dinner.