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Back to camping, this time for only an evening.


Great fun in the sun….

And back online after some troubles logging in. Woop woop!

Home alone

The kids have gone to Opa and Oma for a sleep over. We plan to use the time to put in some work hours. But not today. Today was for doing what we have been craving for years.


A long walk through the forest in the pouring rain.

Crafty Sunday

Tarek spent all day building an insect hotel. First he assembled the parts and painted and varnished some of them. Then we all went for a nice long walk to find things to fill up the hotel with.


What’s  the logic of putting on a jacket when it rains? It’ll only get wet!


After Tarek filled the rooms with different materials he used clay to fill up the final one. And the result?


Pretty cool huh? Lets hope the insects agree. Afterwards we were all treated to a family favourite:


Lasagne a la Hein.
We kind of had to eat something very tomatoey because mum went crazy and bought a whole big box of tomatoes.

Terribly terrific


This is by far the most stupid walk my parents have taken me on. A wide road. Hardly any incline. Stupid stupid stupid. I will just continue to nag, whine, cry and be negative. They cannot make me enjoy this. Why won’t they let me climb the side of this mountain? No no no, this way I will not have fun. I can keep this up for more than 2.5 km, just watch me. See how miserable dad’s starting to look? Let me just hang on to mums leg and get on her nerves some more. And then I’ll….. wait a minute. What’s that?!


Hurray! The road got bad. Yeah. Rocks to climb. Yeah! All the way up to 476 m and then back down! Yeah yeah yeah!

101e Binnenhof Party

Etentje in Den Haag van net 40ers of nog te worden 40ers en daarna Binnenhof Party. Gezellig, flesje Whiskey, politie…

binnenhof party 20150325