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A change of view

No more counting wagons of the freight train. No more waving to the family at home while standing on the platform. No more (notified by txt) waving at friends zooming past in the international train. No longer can i see wether or not any windows or curtains on the north facing side of our house are open while I
‘m waiting for my train. It’s fairly amazing to see how fast a block of houses can be put up. Last bit of roof is up next. Like me, Miko enjoys watching the hard work across the road.



Working a lot the pas few weeks.


Sleeping too little. Obviously.

And even more!

Goodness gracious the festive season is a busy time. And it isn’t even Christmas yet. Yesterday evening I went to a Kerstborrel in the house of one of the neurologists that works on a ward I also work on. Today is Tareks Christmas dinner.

After work I had to make a quick stop at the shop and after coming home these were prepared with what seems like the speed of light.

Kikker op de radio

24 Hours on one of the hospital wards I work at (Frog is its name) is the subject of a radio documentary. Tonight at Radio1:


I watched paratroopers jump from old planes from the attic window this morning.
In the afternoon I was at the cremation ceremony of a young woman. The last thing she ticked off her bucket list was doing a parachute jump.