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A very lucky little boy

This lucky boy got to pick up his sister from daycare sitting in the front of the bus his uncle Auguste was driving for the day.

Cycling a looong way

Mum and dad were dumb enough to leave the ‘follow me adaptor’ at home, meaning no rest for me. Well, I did cycle all the way to Eigen Wijs yesterday. But cycling to pick up Miko in the north of Veldhuizen, the part of Ede where we used to live?!? Are they crazy? And on the way dad’s bike breaks down and all the bike shops are closed due to holidays so we have to cycle an even longer route…. I have to admit, leaving Maya’s favourite water bottle in the bike shop wasn’t smart of me. On the way back we had to cycle the same detour! I ended up cycling the furthest I ever have, even if mum pushed me for most of the tour.


We even passed some crazy people that are going to race cars tomorrow. Around the old factory warehouse in front of our house, mum is already looking forward to the noise. They started setting up early this morning, the picture shows their logo on a van.

Try out

Of course we had to go try out our new bikes immediately, to the Hema for a proper fietspomp. Despite the fact that we didn’t yet get a helmet for Miko. We tried to make her wear Tareks but she wailed like a banshee. Helmetless she was. And enjoying the speed and the view.



Today we bought 2nd hand bicycles and seats for the kiddies. Now we do not have to use our kogas if we want to go for a 5 minute ride. Now we can better fascilitate guests. Miko very much enjoyed her first ride.


Records in stats

At least our website ensures a nice departure of Tanzania. In the last month all records were broken with: 35885 hits from 3421 unique visitors from >30 countries, downloading >1 Gb.
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