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It’s my mum’s birthday today. We went to the allotment to pick pumpkins and sunflowers.


The pumpkin you see is one of three that will be converted into soup.

Home alone

The kids have gone to Opa and Oma for a sleep over. We plan to use the time to put in some work hours. But not today. Today was for doing what we have been craving for years.


A long walk through the forest in the pouring rain.

Druk druk druk

We had a busy weekend. So busy Maya forgot to take photographs for most of it.
We started Saturday with a discussion on dilemma’s. Then we quickly made plans and acted on them. First to the pool where we met two of Tareks former classmate and a former colleague of Maya.
One of Tareks friends is called Maud. She is super sweet and caring. Miko talked about Maud for the rest of the afternoon (‘Mau Mau Mau’).

After a quick shopping spree we went home to prepare for the rest of our day: Maya ran off to Amersfoort for dinner with Nanja while the rest of us drove to Wekerom to spend a very long evening with Verla-Norah, Norther and their parents. Great fun, a late night and thus…
We treated Hein and Maya to a lie in! Happy happy joy joy.

Sunday there was another bbq party, this time with Tareks new classmates. We cycled to Lunteren.


After some lovely food,  a lot of playing, ice cream and chatting with new friends Hein decided on a detour. He saw some interesting things on the map.
Zo kom je nog eens ergens.


Miko was happy to be able to run up a hill.


Back at home it was time to Skype.


We were tired but not too tired for….


Opa and Oma!

Long weekend pt II

On the second day of the long weekend, Tarek ran off to spend the day at a campsite with his friend Jasper and Jaspers family. Dad, mum and I were outside all day in the garden and on the allotment. Spinach for dinner, lets go home!


Long weekend

Mum ran off the first day to spend a day with her sister, her cousin and Oma in Rotterdam.