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Back online

Our blog was hacked and a lot of spam was sent from it. So our provider closed it down. After several precaution matters, we are back.
In the meantime Tarek and Rens are playing just another game of four in a row. They nearly get it.


Into the sun

We were wide awake at 4, so we left by the time we had planned to get up. The reason for the early departure was the expectation of sleeping children.

But no sleep until we entered France just before 9. We got stuck in Paris when the navigator tried to avoid traffic. After that we treated ourselves to a long picknick in the sun.

A few more hours of jip and janneke, the gruffalo and we managed to drive almost 800 km and camp in St Aout. Built the tent, made pasta, borrowed a swimming pool from the neighbours and got some cold beer from the fridge. What a day.

Records in stats

At least our website ensures a nice departure of Tanzania. In the last month all records were broken with: 35885 hits from 3421 unique visitors from >30 countries, downloading >1 Gb.
stats June
Daily visits in June 2011

Just a quick update

You may wonder why it’s been so silent as of late. It may have something to do with the move. Except the move doesn’t keep us very busy. With the car sold, moving company chosen and most of our things sorted out already, there is not that much to organise. Or so it seems. A week and half from now we’ll probably be super busy and wondering why we didn’t do half the things before but in proper Denglish: who then lives who then cares.

What’s keeping me busy is Tarek’s schedule. Since a few weeks there is no longer a driver to take him to and from school. That means I spend an hour early morning driving him there. After that I sometimes manage to get some shopping done and/or go to the gym and then quickly drink a cup of coffee before I pick Tarek up again. Another hour, or longer, gone. It’s gotten to the point where I recognize motor cyclist, bajajes and daladala’s. After getting wildly irritated with traffic and the stupid drivers in it a few weeks ago my inner zen Buddhist took over and now I simply tell myself the amount of days left having to deal with the traffic. Hardly any! Or maybe it’s the fact that so many schools have closed and traffic isn’t as bad as it was a few weeks ago.


Got incredibly stuck in traffic. So bad that after 500 meters/half hour I decided to turn back and use an alternative mode of transport. After I had loudly cursed all the people making the jam worse I still needed to let off more steam so I phoned Hein and complained some more. Then I took the bajaj to the gym and complained even more to someone in the changing room. Then I got on a cross trainer and converted my very bad mood to a really good work out.